Douglas Day Trip 1.0

July 3, 2020

Douglas Provincial Park is a little over an hour NW of Moose Jaw on Lake Diefenbaker. Douglas offers hiking trails, beach, playgrounds, and more.

We had made plans to meet friends from Saskatoon who were tenting at Douglas for the night ( it was a great half way point for each family). I thought they were so brave, tenting with a 2.5 year old. I asked myself many times over, “is that something we could do????” The day trip was essentially a stepping stone in eventually booking a weekend there… with some back up ( – baby steps my friends).

For some reason the truck was jam packed, everywhere we go we need so much stuff – stroller, bikes, beach stuff, food, coolers, camping chairs, extra clothes, baby go pod thing. Ty might say I pack everything for “just in case” (let me live ok?!)

They had already set up their campsite by the time we arrived. We packed our lunches to go check out the main beach area and have a picnic lunch (the kids biked). The water was high, so the beach shore line wasn’t that big of an area. After our lunch we decided to go check out the boat launch beach and hopefully find a quieter place there.

Before going to the boat launch we returned to the campsite. We took random paths through the campground, they were treed, and quite lovely.

Packing up for the beach we brought everything we thought we needed (towels, beach toys, blankets, water, and snacks – obviously).

We parked ourselves on a small spot bordering a grassier area. This was away from the boat launch, we didn’t need deep water to play in (4 kids under 5). Let’s be honest, my kids would have a field day in a puddle.

We played at the beach for hours, little S was only 6 months old, we were able to construct shelter for shade with the stroller, but she also loved sitting in the water. Everyone played water guns, digging in the sand, and waiting for boat waves.

Retreating to the camp site at who knows what time, it was time for supper, we kept it basic and brought hot dogs, marshmallows, juice boxes..and snacks. After supper I think the intention was to catch up and enjoy the fire. I don’t remember that happening. 😂

For some reason shortly after supper M ended up being sick, in true fashion all over our friends camping chair (sorry!). If that isn’t a sign to pack up and get home, I don’t what is. M had a quick shower to rinse off whatever had just come up. We packed pyjamas and the kids were cozy for the drive home. 3/3 were sleeping shortly after hitting the road. YESSSSS to sleeping children.  

The drive home consisted of a crazy storm where I was convinced I would see a funnel cloud…. I did not. The tornado hunters were definitely out for this one.

Thankfully the storm didn’t pass through our friends campsite, and my brave friends survived a night of tenting with a toddler, and we completed a baby step leading up to camping with 3.

kidding, but it feels like it

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