Restoring 71 Project

Information Provided by The Restoring 71 Project

Saskatoon, SK

The Restoring 71 Project is located on private land about 10 minutes west of Saskatoon. We are conserving and restoring prairie habitat on 71 acres of former crop land and we maintain over 4 km of intertwining mowed trails that provide access to a variety of habitat types and features across the site.

We offer trail times all year long by appointment which gives you and your group private access to the trails ( you + 71 acres) including an outdoor classroom space. On your first visit we will provide you with a quick safety orientation before you head on the trails, but repeat visitors can skip the orientation if they have already had it. Booking a trail time is entirely free! We do this because we think everyone should have free access to nature, not to turn a profit.

What might you find here? We have observed over 140 wildlife species on the site over the last 5 years. Our little patch of restored native prairie comes alive with colour as wildflowers take turns blooming. We have some interpretive signage up, with more to come, and we have a couple kid friendly scavenger hunts available.

Check out our facebook page to learn more, and book your visit (using the “book now” feature on our Facebook page).

Photo provided by The Restoring 71 Project,
📸 by Aaron Suek
Photo provided by The Restoring 71 Project
Photo provided by The Restoring 71 Project

Lori Here:

HOW COOL IS THIS?? I saw Katie ( of Restoring 71) post on a facebook group I follow and immediately contacted her to share her page ( and I had some questions). Their Facebook page is so informative, including great visuals and fun facts for all audiences. Their page also features beautiful wildlife photography that is captured on their property by Aaron Suek.

  • Washroom Access – Not available (just the bush)
  • Stroller friendly – Jogging / big wheeled stroller recommended
  • Food & Beverage – BYO (** pack out what you pack in)
  • Cost – FREE

We haven’t been here yet, but definitely checking it out when we are in Saskatoon again. Thank you Katie for sharing this beautiful project!

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