Wakamow Valley Park 1.0

May 8, 2021

How lucky are we to live in a city with a park circuit that Wakamow Valley has to offer?!

Saturday afternoon – the children were being loopy and needed to get outside. I needed to get outside. It was a tad windy, so we weren’t quite sure how this was going to go. We packed up the bikes and went on our very first family bike ride (we recently caved and bought a bike trailer, and my new bike has hung from the rafters for almost 2 years). Before leaving I had planned what loops we could do, guessing our km tolerance. The Complete park map is available here, I actually saved a copy on my phone, but there’s lots of signage throughout the park.

We started out and detoured quite quickly and didn’t complete any of the planned loops. Classic. In the valley the wind was minimal, and tolerable for the boys.

Every time we are in Wakamow it’s something new, there are so many areas of the park that connect. With every visit we slowly start to make sense of the connections and become more familiar with each area.

We completed just short of 5 km in 1 hr and 20 min. We operate at a. very. slow. pace. There’s constant stops for food, water, nature, and arguments of “who leads”.

Nature Stop

We went up a very big hill where we had to walk our bikes, except P, I also had to walk his bike ( up and down the hill). It was quite windy at the top, and we were nearing our breaking point here.

Ty’s view from the top of the hill, P crawling up the hill. M and I at the back ( including P’s bike)

Nearing the end of our adventure we bribed the children to a strong finish with a play at one of the playgrounds.

Thankfully the trails were relatively quiet, as we definitely need to work on bike safety and path etiquette.

Sections of trail we went on:

  • Kinsmen
  • Maryland
  • The Great Trail
  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada Trail

Our first, but definitely not last bike ride in Wakamow Valley. I can’t wait to experience the trail paths throughout the seasons.

Quotes from P

  • “I want to this EVERY DAY!’
  • “Oh I don’t think I can do this one, too many bumps and rocks, we better turn back”
  • “I want to go home”

Interested in learning more about Wakamow Valley Park? Click here.

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