Champêtre County- Pitchfork Fondue

In true Lori and Ty fashion we were looking for something to do May long weekend…. a few days before May long.

Champêtre County is just outside of St. Denis, approximately 35 km east of Saskatoon.

After looking at some options we settled on Champêtre County – they were having a pitchfork steak fondue night (with tastings from Lucky Bastard Distillers) and on site accommodations were available. We booked a North Cabin for the night, and we had no idea what a pitchfork steak fondue was. 😂

We arrived mid-afternoon and were greeted by Francine. She showed us to our cabin (which was so cute and perfect) and even gave a little tour of the property and ideas on what we could do with kids. The cabin featured sleeping for 5, and a bathroom/ shower.

The boys wanted to have a nap in our cabin (that’s how much they loved it). We’d make suggestions and in return they offered to stay and just have a nap. I was onto them, I knew they wouldn’t actually nap.

We first checked out the animals. They were so cute I could have hung out with them all day. The chickens are free range (they kept their distance from the kids though – trust me, I get it).

Animals in Champêtre include:

  • Goats
  • Calf
  • Chickens
  • Rooster
  • Pig
  • Bunnies
  • Chicks
  • Cats & dog
  • Horses

Before supper we went into the Lost Corral maze (as featured on Amazing Race Canada 2019). We tried entrance #1 and ended up exiting the same way we came in (maze fail). We went on to entrance #2. I thought we were doing so good until we passed the same fallen boards three times. On the third time I called it in, we squeezed through the boards and failed maze attempt #2.

On the property is a collection of old farming equipment, Francine had said that the kids could play on them, which they loved.

Soon it was supper. We washed up, and changed into some cleaner clothes. We hung out between the garden area and the saloon (where the meal would be). During this time we enjoyed some samples from @lbdistillers which were DELICIOUS. I’m now on the hunt for the LB coconut lime vodka. 10/10 highly recommend.

Pitchfork steak fondue is when your steak goes on a pitchfork and is cooked in oil. Ty has proclaimed it as one of the best steaks he’s ever had. If you know me you would know that I used to never eat beef (sentimental attachment issues to cows), but I have now for almost 2 years – and let me tell you the steak (the entire meal) was SO good. The kids had chicken fingers and fries and a cookie for dessert.

We ate a little later than we had planned, and post supper we spent some time around the campfire. The kids were being slightly crazy, and we turned it in to our cabin for a movie on the tablet. They had a hard time settling (as expected). S thought the bunk beds were her own personal playground. We put her in the stroller and 5 laps around the property she was out. The gravel road was all she needed. The boys finally fell asleep around 9:30 pm (honestly this was better than what I had expected).

The cabins are a short distance from the campfire (completely visible). The fire was still going so we took the stroller with a sleeping S and we were able to enjoy the fire for some of the night. We chatted with other guests, but had just missed the Saskatchewanderer (dang!), but we did catch the sheriff before saying good night. The saloon remained open for bar service throughout the night.

The kids woke up at 7 am (not bad). We enjoyed the calls of the rooster and prayed that we didn’t wake up the entire county – P was bouncing off the walls. We said our good morning to the animals, little cochon was up and about. Francine was over to feed the animals and let the boys help feed the calf. Probably not the best farm hand’s she has had.

A light breakfast was served in the saloon, we enjoyed a variety of fruit and croissants, and COFFEE.

The property also offers a 1 mile trail loop. The trail borders horse pasture, features many birds and birdhouses, a homestead, benches and even a piano! We enjoyed the trail, P did not, he was miserable (also known as tired). At the homestead we put him in the stroller and S went on our shoulders.

History at the homestead
They said they were playing “twinkle twinkle little star”

After the trail we had a snack, packed up and set off back home. We were VERY tempted to stay to have a hay ride that was being offered that day, but just another reason to return!

Todd and Francine are SO hospitable. You feel so welcome from the moment you arrive, and there was such a sense of community as guests arrived for the evening meal. We loved our stay at Champêtre and can’t wait to return.

For more information on Champêtre County click here, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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