Avonlea Badlands

June 03, 2021

The Avonlea Badlands are located just outside of Avonlea, SK on private land. Guided tours are offered throughout the summer in partnership with the Avonlea Heritage Museum. The tours are approximately 3 km, and 1 hr 30 min.

I believe I came across the Avonlea Badlands on facebook somehow. Learning that Avonlea is not too far from home it made for an easy adventure for us.

We booked a week in advance for the 6:30 pm tour (I wanted that golden hour), but I know they are filling up fast for the summer. When I booked – did I look at the weather? No – should I have? Yes. It was hot. 33 degrees ish? We were nervous about the children and heat, but committed.

After contemplating our decision most of the day, waiting for the possibility it would be canceled, and trying to best prepare ourselves, we brought 800 litres of water, and snacks. I even went as far as bringing an extra carrier in the event P lost his ability to walk (he’s dramatic like that). We also had a secret weapon. Grandma.

We met our guide at the Avonlea Heritage Museum, you pay at the museum and then follow your guide out to the private land (by car).

The tour starts in pasture with the badlands essentially out of sight. I had to double check with our guide that it was approximately 3 km return because I thought we weren’t going to make it past the pasture.

So the badlands are so cool, very Land Before Time. I won’t give out too much detail (I don’t want to take away from the tour) and it’s really something you need to see. It’s hard to believe this hidden gem is nestled in prairie pasture.

Tanner our guide was so wonderful. He was so patient with us as a group and the children. He was able to relate M’s volcano and dinosaurs questions to the area, and he really lead in to what the kids were enjoying (mainly climbing). I’m not sure if that was the natural flow of the tour, or if it was Tanner picking up our vibes – either way it was great and appreciated.

P said “this is a cool place” approximately 100 times, and to my surprise he did not lose his ability to walk, in fact he kept up with our guide the most. I voted him MVP of this adventure – his behaviour/ attitude blew me away, sorry I doubted you P baby.

Upon return we had a tailgate ft bear paws and juice boxes.

It was hot, but tolerable. A late night for the kids, but it was worth it!

To find out more on the Avonlea Badlands click here.

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