Brett Kissel – Saskatchewan’s Night Out

June 20, 2020

I remember Evraz announcing this event in early June and I had to get onboard.

A) I love community events

B) It was early covid and we were grasping as strings for our sanity (still grasping here).

We got a ticket for the first show that was announced for 7pm ( 2 more shows were added after the first sold out). You might say going to a drive in concert at bedtime is risky business, it was – more to follow.

As the concert night approached we ( I ) listened to Brett Kissel non stop, so much that I was in his Spotify top listeners of 2020 (that’s exciting right?!).

We tried to prepare our best for the show. Prime bed time remember? Truck – once again packed – camping chairs, snacks, blankets, pyjamas, bubbles (GENIUS I might add).

Being outside of Regina we had to account for the drive in, supper, good spot in line for concert parking spot (I was very committed to this event). We picked up McDonalds for supper and ate while waiting for the gates to open. Fun fact – waiting isn’t so bad when you have happy meals.

We got in, got our spot and starting setting up, you were confined to your vehicle, so we set up the cab of the truck.

Concert was great, the kids mildly paid attention, but that’s ok we had popcorn twists and bubbles. They went to the bathroom SO many times (P was freshly potty trained). By the end of the show things were escalating and becoming less enjoyable, FAST. S was still a little and could do no wrong, she had the best time (until the drive home). I think M was happy to have McDonalds AND staying up past his bed time although he pretended to be sad when it was over eventhough he had no idea what was going on (his own choice). But P baby, man oh man, I’m pretty sure he tried to run away at his last bathroom break, then getting him back into the truck was an absolute NIGHTMARE. It’s funny how 5 minutes of a raging child can reeeeeally bring you down, things went from not awful, to why did we do thisssssssssss???!!!

Would we do it again? Oh probably!

In usual fashion as soon as we we hit the highway they were all sleeping…. except S who cried the. whole. way. home.

There’s Brett! Singing on the semi~

Limited photos here, I think we were trying to “enjoy the concert”, but also even in the cab of a truck the kids kept us busy, there were snack requests every 5 seconds and popcorn twists everywhere! Til next time~!

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