Moose Mountain Provincial Park – Camping

July 2021 (and August 2020)

This was our second trip to Moose Mountain, (we had tented there last summer).

This year we were able to snag a site in the Fish Creek campground backing Little Kenosee Lake (securing the site was a stealth operation on the sask parks reservation website).

4 families, 9 kids. Ages 10-8 months, 2 dogs … all on very different schedules.

It. Was. Hot.

The first night was not good. I would say one of our worst experiences. We were both ready to pack up and go back home, but also we were too tired to do that.

Service was very limited in the campsite, so meeting up with friends who were staying at the cabins had some challenges. Our campsite was lovely, private with lake views and access (perfect for paddle boards and kayaks).

Our first morning we thought we would go on a beautiful, stroller / bike / toddler friendly, short and easy hike. The Lakeview Interpretive trail – approximately 0.9 km.

WELL. The signage / trail were both so confusing. It was definitely not stroller or bike friendly. We turned around to go on the Peninsula trail – we wanted to do a short loop, but this was another fail. We did the trail backwards, sideways and upside down, we actually didn’t do the trail at all – just a collection of connecting trails. Our trails were also not overly bike friendly, which was challenging for our boys (who were on their bikes).

We called it quits, our hike was over, it barely even began. I was disappointed that we didn’t complete any of the walking or bike trails there, I had such good intentions. The heat, bugs, and signs just weren’t on our side this time around.

We had planned to go to Superslides, but they were unable to open. The children were very disappointed – before we had even arrived it was deemed “the worst trip ever” by the 5 year old.

The dads were able to take in a round of golf one morning. The moms enjoyed a patio lunch at the golf course afterwards.

Lunch views at Golf Kenosee

During one of our drive time naps, Ty was checking out equestrian camping. When he rolled down the windows for the kids to see some horse owners came over to let him know they were taking the horses “swimming”. He and the kids stayed to watch the horses cool down in the lake.

We took the kids for pony rides at Kenosee Lake Riding Academy. For $5 you get 2 laps around the corral with Scooby. The boys loved this, and knew what to expect as we had done it last year. We also had S on, but she wasn’t quite ready, but it was cute photo opportunity.

We had the best time at the beach area. The water so refreshing especially with the warm temperatures. It was easy to spend hours there. There was some grassy seaweed, but nothing to stop you from jumping in.

We went for ice cream at Alison’s (a few times). They had the best sized, best priced kids cone I have ever experienced. It was perfect.

After ice cream one evening we walked to a picnic table at the main area. There was a small grassy hill. The kids (all of them) might have had the best time at this hill. There was rolling… and wrestling, and there were pirates. It was a real time, never under estimate the power of a grassy hill.

We were able to enjoy a fire for one night before a fire ban was issued for the park. Having no fire in the evening was strange. What were we supposed to do?! This was our first time camping with a fire ban and we weren’t very prepared. Cards – yes, brighter light to play cards – no, mosquito control – also no.

Other than the very rocky start, it ended up being a great weekend spent with family, ice cream, and lakeside sunsets.

Oh my goodness. I forgot to mention Doug (our dog). He is so not a camper. He had a hard time with… people walking by, campsite squirrel, air … I would guess he had some anxiety about camping – he didn’t eat the whole time we were there. He definitely added stress to our trip, but I love him so much it’s ok. …. Ty would say it was not ok.

Not a good boy 🐶

Any questions about Moose Mountain? Click the ‘contact me’ on my website!

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