Rings, Ruts and Remnants Trail

June 2021

The Rings, Ruts and Remnants trail is 2.6 km trail located in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. This trail itself is a lesson in history, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This trail was a bit more hilly than we expected. After completing the Prairie Vista Trail the day before I had told the children that this trail was easier and shorter. Shorter – yes, easier no. P was in tears as soon as we started, there were multiple stops and snack bribes required to finish this one.

I personally loved learning from the trail signage. The title Rings, Ruts and Remnants refer to the tipi rings, the ruts from wagons, and the remnants of early homesteads. The views of the river, complimented the views of the rolling hills. I was hoping to come across some cows, but unfortunately only spotted them from a distance. This hike has no shady spots, and would be difficult for children in warmer temperatures.

This trail had lots of ups and downs (literally, and emotionally). S was able to fit in a nice trail nap. We completed 2.95 km in 1h and 30 minutes. There were some spurs in the trail, which I think contributed the extra distance. It was quiet and we didn’t cross paths with anyone, but could see other trail users far off in the distance.

The kids were happy when the hike was over, and we promised them mini golf in the afternoon.

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