Battle Creek Adventure Park ~ Canada’s Longest Mini Golf

July 2021

Ty and I had a date night at Battle Creek Adventure Park, just off highway 1 (barely) outside of Moose Jaw. You can see this place from the highway every time you head to Regina.

We have wanted to go mini golfing for months here (since last year), for me it needed to be in golden hour. Let me tell you it did not disappoint (golden hour and mini golfing)!

We wanted to scope out the course first before taking the kids – and we wanted to have a friendly competition. Being Canada’s Longest mini golf for some reason I interpreted this as marathon mini golf. I wasn’t sure if the kids could handle the length of the course. Well that was silly of me, they would love this mini golf. It was not a marathon, they would definitely consider this adventure mini golf… Except little S, she’s not welcome on the course for a couple more years. Her last round consisted of her picking up everyone’s first putt and returning the ball to it’s owner, bless her.

We played $20 a hole, and surprisingly I only lost $20. LET IT BE KNOWN that I did have 2 hole in ones (Ty had 0 FYI).

We had a cute little time and can’t wait to visit Battle Creek again!

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