10 Reasons Why I love Fall Camping [in a tent trailer]

You know when you find a recipe on Pinterest and there’s a huge backstory before you get to the recipe- well I’m doing that today. Skip to Recipe. Just kidding, you can’t.

When Ty and I purchased our tent trailer in June we had really wanted to be able to extend our camping season. After spending almost 3 weeks in New Brunswick in August, and a very busy September – we (Ty) were torn between one more trip or winterize.

Here in Saskatchewan we have been having a beautiful fall – we’d be silly ( and hypocrites) to not go camping! After a very hesitant Ty finally got onboard with camping in October- we were off. We had a few options of staying close to home or heading to Cypress.

We chose Cypress Hills – the meadows campground still had electricity and a service centre open which fit our needs perfectly.

Posted on Instagram here are our top 10 reasons I love fall camping [in a tent trailer]

  1. No fire ban
  2. Not sweating my tatas off
  3. It’s quiet
  4. Fall colours are 🔥🔥🔥
  5. Sunrise and sunset times are family friendly – and so are bedtimes
  6. Because of number 5 – we can chase sunsets at lookout points
  7. Also because of number 5 it’s not daylight at 4 am
  8. Feels safe for my free range children (less traffic)
  9. Not stressed out booking a campsite online
  10. Furnace doubles as white noise machine

And here are the downsides:

  1. Furnace might quit in the middle of the night
  2. It’s dark and quiet- be prepared for wildlife at nighttime bathroom breaks
  3. It might be cold and windy which leads to potentially freezing tatas off
  4. No stores open if you forget coffee
  5. A lot of businesses/ paid activities are closed for the season

We loved fall camping, and can’t wait to book more fall camping trips next year ( weather depending of course!).

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