Duck Mountain Provincial Park – Camping

August Long 2021

Well now this trip feels like forever ago, but a recap is still due. This was my first time to Duck Mountain Provincial Park, and let me tell you it was lovely. The landscapes reminded me of home, and the drive near Kamsack reminded me of the Annapolis Valley.

Another multiple family camping weekend planned (with overlapping days).

As per usual throughout the drive I come to realize all of things we forgot. – Meat for one of our meals, jiffy pop, marshmallows, and peanut butter. We stopped in at a grocery store in Melville to pick up some of our missing items. We were going to be ok.

I managed to secure an on the lake site in the Pickerel Point – Birch campground. We were a little weary of lake access, but it actually provided a wonderful distraction throughout the weekend – a great paddle board launch, and fishing and rock throwing spot – and the children were surprisingly pretty safe.

For fun we decided to time our set up. Ty and I work independently, and by the end of it we are good. It took exactly 1 hour- and was probably one of our better experiences. While we set up the kids played on the shoreline. This also where M had his first leech experience. I think the whole campground heard him scream.

Our site was a short jaunt to the smaller beach on the campground. We actually didn’t go to the main (and much larger) beach until the last day on our way out!

We tried to do a hike a day, with the kids having free range in the afternoon. Free range included mini golf + ice cream [Waves Ice Cream and Mini Golf], horses [Madge Lake Bible Camp], beach, bear hunting (this consisted of driving by the bear trap), car naps, and Sask Parks lead activities.

The weather was hot, the air was smokey. We finished our last night with a family potluck. This park was one of my favourite visits of the summer.

Sask you later ~!

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