Buffalo Pound Provincial Park – Winter Edition

Being in Moose Jaw we are so lucky to have Buffalo Pound a short drive away. I remember seeing a SaskParks facebook post advertising what was going on at the lake, and we decided to check it out.

Our first trip out was mid December of 2020. As per usual, we brought everything we owned. Kidding, but it was still a lot.

I knew there was firewood available at the Lower Chalet campground area of the park, and that was enough for us to bring hotdogs and marshmallows. We also knew there was a food truck on site and that would be an excellent back up plan.

There’s a sliding hill (a part of the ski hill formerly known as ‘Whitetrack’) which is huge and fast for my little wimpy soul. Thankfully when we arrived there wasn’t a lot of people there and I felt that it was safe for our kids. Because they were so young we didn’t have to go up the hill too far for them to be entertained.

Sliding, followed by lunch, followed by more sliding. Little S was freshly 1 and she just waddled around. We ended the day with some hot chocolate from Hillside Smoke’N’Que.

So much FUN, we returned again with friends to celebrate New Years Day.

Things to Note – firewood is provided, but you still need the matches/ lighter, kindling, ax. .. Whatever materials you use to start a campfire.

We are looking forward to heading to the lake again this winter!

I love Buffalo Pound in the winter.

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