Winter Bingo

January blues getting you down?

Inspired by the @lostgirlsguide Saskatchewan Winter Bucketlist Bingo, I thought I’d put together my own family version!

This is for fun – make your own rules. Challenge yourself and your family, step outside your comfort zone.

Throw in an incentive >> a line- a special treat, full card – a special meal. You do you.

Snow painting – I use food colouring, water, and a spray bottle or peri bottle (you know we’re all secretly holding on to them). You can also dilute washable paint.

Ice Candles – as seen on @borntobeadventerous. DIY reel linked here. Other ideas on Pinterest include ice sun catchers, and coloured ice balloons.

Build a fort, build a wall, build a snow chair or snow sculpture! – Just build! 😉

Say YES – it might take longer to get all your gear on than the time spent outside, but that’s ok! We said yes to our 4 year old this week, we had fun, and not once did we regret going outside.

Can’t wait to see you all embrace winter this year – it’s not going anywhere!

Don’t forget to tag @saskinginadventure on all your bingo cards!

Have fun Sasking in the Snow ❄️

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