Iceville – Mosaic Stadium ( Evraz Place) Regina


This was our second year attending Iceville. Last year it was freeeeeezing cold when we went (but I was determined to go).

The weather for the week was looking beeeeautiful. We booked the 4 pm slot on Friday to accommodate school hours and to time it perfectly for a supper outing.

Making the trip to the big city we need to drag it out a bit, and take long enough so that when we get home it’s bed time. Mission Accomplished.

Skating as per usual was magical. It was snowing and I felt like I was in a snow globe, and I just loved it. The boys had so much fun, Spencer barely skated and was pulled on the sled for the most part. I get it. If I had the option of being pulled around I’d probably take it too.

Knowing the food menu was improved this year we had planned to eat supper in the chalet lounge. The food was delicious, and the vibes were extra cozy. The kids were okay 😂.

Highly recommend everyone to experience Iceville.

  • Affordable ($5 a person)
  • Skate rentals available
  • Food and beverage (before or after your skate)
  • Live music on weekends (7pm)
  • Dine & skate special events

Happy Sasking [in the snow]!

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