Winter Musings 21/22

As the winter season has come to an end (although I’m convinced there will be one more snowfall) I reflect upon the great winter we had.

This winter we made the decision to embrace it early on, and it was SO fun. We made it out to Buffalo Pound 6 times, we camped in a yurt, and we had tons of fun in our own yard.

February was rough, some cold days, some covid, a little gastro. We definitely did not make it outside as much as I wanted. We were surviving, not thriving.

I tried to make notes of little things I learned or appreciated throughout the winter, and it is now time to share these little thoughts.

1. Always bring extra mittens

We learned this when we only had multiple pairs of very wet mittens and matching cold hands. This also came in handy when I dropped one of my mittens in a pit toilet – this lesson is not just for kids! We also adapted a no mittens in the pit toilets policy after my incident.

1. Put Kleenex in your pocket

There are so many boogers to be had in the winter. I became that mom with the handful of Kleenex in every pocket always.

3. Goggles are great

You know when it’s so cold it hurts your face? Wear the goggles (and balaclava). There were some very cold days where we still got out, and I’d like to make a special shout out to our goggles for that. We didn’t need anything fancy and found some affordable options online.

4. Say YES

This was a big one for us. There were quite a few days when I would have gladly stayed warm and cozy in the comfort of my home, but the kids would ask for us to join them – so we said YES, and it led to some pretty fun family time outside.

5. You never regret going outside

Kind of a play off #4. No matter how cold we were – if we were outside for 5 minutes or an hour; we never once regretted doing it.


Bring your own firewood. There was a few times at the lake where starting the fire was a tough go. Frozen / wet-ish wood was all that was available and it just made it a bit more difficult to get things going.

7. Everything is more exciting in the dark

Sliding, playing, walking, dancing – all more exciting in the dark. The LED toques were perfect for everything outside, and when it’s dark by 5 pm you can still get out before bedtime. Make. Them. Tired.

8. Fleece pyjamas make a great base layer

Don’t have merino wool? That’s ok. We used fleece pyjamas as a base layer because why not? Be resourceful, we don’t need the fancy gear to stay warm.

9. ODP

Three words – outdoor dance party. Not only will dancing bring joy (and entertainment), it will also keep you warm!

10. Vent Dryer is a must have item

This little winter accessory is a staple in our house. 10/10 highly recommend, we love dry winter gear.

Bonus thoughts:

⁃ Fires with friends are fun. Invite your friends outside! We had a few lake days with friends and family and it was so fun. Invite your neighbours to a yard fire. “Sometimes all you need is good company.”

⁃ Sand toys make great snow toys

I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the winter season.

See you next year for another winter of Sasking in the Snow!

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