Duck Mountain Provincial Park – Hiking Trails

Moose Lake Cabin Trail

This trail was recommended by Joyce @thedomesticatedcaker. She had taken her FOUR children on this trail to have an overnight in the cabin. IT RAINED. Bless her.

We did this trail first as it was the longest. On our trips we usually start big and end small, so the kids hate us less.

This trail is a part of the Kamsack Ski Club. We started at the Batka trail head. The trail we took was 2.9 km one way (the shortest trail to the cabin). It’s a big trail system and there’s definitely lots of trail options to take.

Because it’s a cross country ski trail it was wide- think trail groomer. Everything was so green and lush, I mean every single shade of green was present that day. There were some small hills, mosquitoes, and due to the forest fires up north, a little smokie air. This was definitely a challenge for the boys, and there were some piggy backs on the way back. The cabin was super cute although there was some garbage which was bleh, and I think due to that there was a little smell. It was fun for all of us to explore inside, and then check out the different vantage points of the lake. Would definitely do again. Beautiful.

Big wheeled stroller friendly.

Fen Trail

Short, but sweet this boardwalk is fun (0.5 km). We completed this after the Moose Lake trail, and the boardwalk feature was our selling point.

The kids just ran up and down the boardwalk- you would think they would have been tired as they had to be CARRIED only moments ago.

The trail takes you through the trees, and through 3 interactive points over the fen.

100% stroller friendly, 1000% a must do trail.

Woodland Trail

This trail is located within the Duck Mountain Provincial Park campground. The almost 2 km loop is crushed rock, and on even ground.

We participated in the SaskParks lead Creatures of the Night walk. This was a super interactive guided walk. The interactive parts were broken up throughout the trail – voice recognition, echo sound exercises, echo meters, and more. This is the trail where I realized how much M is absorbing watching Wild Kratts.

Stroller friendly, bear friendly (there was evidence). Easy loop in the campground. Also goes through the start of a new development at the lake (private campground).

Pelly Point Nature Trail

Day 2 of camping / hiking. I think we chose this trail based on it’s easy rating, and it was a tad shorter than Moose Lake cabin (4.5 km there and back). The trail was more narrow and lead you through the bush, at the trail end there’s a picnic table, warm up shack, and Madge Lake views. There was a bit of stinging nettle, and it was the perfect grazing height for our 3 year old.

Not Stroller friendly.

Damselfly Trail

This trail was accessible from the campground. The dads and older cousins went golfing and we were looking for something easy to occupy our time. The boys rode their bikes, and I had the stroller for S. This trail was quite lovely, and only 0.8 km one way. Easy trail for biking as you go from forest to wetland, and back to forest. The trail ends at St. Michaels Bible camp. There we posed with the angel wings, and investigated the hail damage from a recent storm (it was A LOT).

A great short and easy trail within the campground.

Stroller / bike friendly.

Boreal Forest Nature Trail [ ? ]

Ok – this is a little bit of a mystery trail. The trail entrance was a short jaunt from our campsite, curious about it my sister in law and I decided to check it out at sunset one night. Good idea and bad idea. The trail was heavily storm damaged. Fallen trees and signs. As it got darker it was harder to see a trail, and being not prepared we only had the light on our dying phones. We were trying to follow the interactive signs, but eventually they stopped. We turned around because we were scared and unprepared. The good was that this trail was something the kids would LOVE. Crawling under, over and across fallen trees. The next morning we checked it out again (in daylight). It was so cool, and certainly worth exploring – just trying to piece the trail together in general. We concluded it was a loop, and my plan was to deep dive into google and put the trail name together. It was a fun little adventure and the added obstacles made it interesting for everyone.

Not stroller friendly. Currently not an “advertised” trail, but it was one of my favourites to explore with the family.

The Duck Mountain trails were awesome, and there were more that we weren’t able to check out. I highly recommend visiting this park. Gosh it was good.

Sask Ya Later.

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